Real Estate image enhancement


Professionally enhance your real estate images to bring out the best. Often times an image can be enhanced by bringing the shadow and highlights into balance. Very popular now is HDR photography which requires bracketing (taking a succession of photos at different stop values to capture the range of highlights and shadows. Fortunately there is a way to simulate this technique in photoshop which enhances those ordinary indoor or outdoor images. Also adding photo filters or vibrancy to an image greatly improves the quality. Photoshop also has a great new algorithm for enlarging images if this is required.


Send me one of your images for a test run and I will return an improved version at no charge. I will post more before and after photos when I get a chance!






The photo below was cropped properly and color enhanced.



Included in the pricing is either an enlargement or a reduction in size/sizes and as many different sizes as you need of the same image.


Also, all images will be properly reduced

in file size for web ready fast downloading!


Need to upsize a file for print to 300 dpi?.

Drop me a line and I can explain the process.




$3.00  each, any size.

$2.50  each/ 10 or more images

$2.00  each/ 20 or more images


Drop me a line if you want items photoshopped in or out of images. I can make the lawn mower disappear from the lawn or I can include a pool boy with the pool!

The photo below, although adequate, gets a little boost that makes it so much more appealing!