General Information

All Portraits start with your photo (or I can scan an older photo). Must be reasonable resolution for best results.

The examples you see on this site are from resolutions 500 x 800 pixels minimum, but we can push the limit if necessary.

All portraits are created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Every portrait I create is unique with personal attention given to each

commissioned piece. Absolutely every portrait I render is uniquely different.


You will receive a high resolution JPG, TIFF and PDF to print yourself, for use in many different applications. I will send all

different sizes and formats for your future use. I will also provide smaller images for use on social media. I will resize on request

at no charge!

Remember, you will have a high resolution file to print at a minimum of 18 x 24". Both Walmart and Costco offer excellent

printing services including canvas printing at excellent cost



How it all works: After you have decided what route you want to take, drop me a line on the order page and we can go from there!


You can then do the following below:


1) Send the image that you want painted.

2) We will discuss your project and expectations.

3) A 25% deposit will be required upon agreed terms.

4) A watermarked proof will be sent to allow for final review and possible revisions.


Timeline: 3-7 days.


PRICING: Digital files only: (no printing) $149.00. You will receive all digital files (@ 300 dpi, PDF, Tiff, jpeg)

                  I will resize or create any other file format in the future at no charge.